Steve Wyer Presents Case Study Regarding Google My Business And Practitioner Listings

| August 2, 2016

You might have a fairly strong listing through Google My Business, but do individual practitioners at your location have their own listings? Steve Wyer shares a scenario outlining the potentially devastating consequences when a practitioner moves on. According to Steve Wyer, individual practitioners are considered their own entities where Google My Business listings are concerned. […]

Steve Wyer | Star Ratings Matter

| June 28, 2016

Do star reviews matter? Steve Wyer delves into the world of visual ratings and touches on the associated pros and cons of “snapshot” judgments. Q: What exactly are “star” reviews? Steve Wyer: Star reviews are simply online reviews that offer a visual “snapshot” about the public satisfaction rating of a business. This is usually in […]

Domestic fixed rate and fixed term structured finance for small-caps

| August 24, 2010

Fixed Rates and Fix Terms | Steven Wyer Steve Wyer

Steve Wyer LinkedIn

| July 24, 2010