Steve Wyer Presents Case Study Regarding Google My Business And Practitioner Listings

Posted By on August 2, 2016

You might have a fairly strong listing through Google My Business, but do individual practitioners at your location have their own listings? Steve Wyer shares a scenario outlining the potentially devastating consequences when a practitioner moves on.

According to Steve Wyer, individual practitioners are considered their own entities where Google My Business listings are concerned. This works to everyone’s advantage–until the practitioner moves to a new practice, says Steve Wyer. In the following example, Steve Wyer uses the fictional “Dr. Jeff” and “Freeland Eye Care” to illustrate the importance of paying attention to Google My Business listings.

Dr. Jeff owns Freeland Eye Care and previously had three other partners, Dr. Michael, Dr. John, and Dr. Victoria. Recently, Dr. Michael moved to a new practice across town. According to Steve Wyer, Dr. John and Dr. Victoria have remained at Freeland Eye Care.


Steve Wyer | Star Ratings Matter

Posted By on June 28, 2016

Do star reviews matter? Steve Wyer delves into the world of visual ratings and touches on the associated pros and cons of “snapshot” judgments.

Q: What exactly are “star” reviews?

Steve Wyer: Star reviews are simply online reviews that offer a visual “snapshot” about the public satisfaction rating of a business. This is usually in the form of stars – a universal symbol for achievement. The more stars a business has, the better it is perceived to be.

Q: But do online reviews actually matter?

Steve Wyer: They do, and often in a big way! Studies have shown that a large chunk of digital-age consumers trust online reviews. An establishment with a 3-star rating may do as much as 9% less business than a similar competitor with a 5-star review.

Q: Are reviewers required to identify themselves?

Steve Wyer: Unfortunately, not always. Most of the high-ranking sites do require users to identify themselves, usually by creating an account. However, others allow anonymous comments to be posted without any verification whatsoever. These unverified reviews still influence consumers so, as a business owner, it’s advantageous to own your identity on a number of review sites.

Q: Are there review sites that matter more than others?

Steve Wyer: Yes! Sites viewed as authoritative and/or trustworthy get better search results than lesser-known sites. Sites such as Yelp, Yahoo, and YP all enjoy a huge following. This means more traffic, and that pushes reviews on these sites to the front of the line, so to speak. This goes back to owning your identity, as I mentioned earlier. Most reputable sites allow the business owner to open an account, some even go as far as to let the account holder pin positive reviews.

Q: Are there industry-specific review sites?

Steve Wyer: There are dozens of review sites that cater to a specific audience. Auto sales, medical care, and senior living are just a few industries that have sites dedicated to reviewing their services.

Steven C. Wyer

Posted By on April 12, 2011

Steven C. Wyer has ridden out many economic storms over thirty five years of business. As the owner of several successful businesses, Steven C. Wyer has worked with banks, clients and independent contractors to navigate credit lines, debt to income ratios and account receivables. Steven C. Wyer began his professional career working for CNA Insurance. As he expanded his underwriters for estate planning insurance products, Steven C. Wyer built a successful General Agency by aggressively managing growth and matching it with agency receivables.

Steven C. Wyer took this early experience and applied the same disciplines later when he started Wyer Creative Communications. Initially, Steven C. Wyer allowed the firm to establish itself through self funded liquidity. Growth demanded more flexibility and after considering options, Steven C. Wyer selected a working relationship with SunTrust Capital based in Atlanta, Georgia. Steven C. Wyer initially worked through local channels however as growth increased, Steven C. Wyer had account services transferred to Atlanta. Steven C. Wyer negotiated a mezzanine debt structure utilizing subordinated debt instruments coupled with a flexible working line of credit. This allowed Steven C. Wyer to access growth capital as the business expanded.

Steven C. Wyer again utilized these same approaches as the founder of a private firm focused on acquisition of delinquent consumer debt. By negotiating performance based contracts with vendors, Steven C. Wyer no longer required working lines of credit for growth. Vendor compensation was addressed based on performance only fees. Steven C. Wyer managed fourteen such vendors as the business grew. Steven C. Wyer did not utilize leverage to fund the business. By managing receivables and overhead the business grew without the burden of debt.

His latest venture, Reputation Advocate; founded in 2006, has again harnessed the discipline of cash flow management. As a flatter and more nimble organization, Steven C. Wyer acts as Managing Director for the firm. Steven C. Wyer relies on the skill of partners in managing receivables and payables. While this methodology has limited growth to some degree, the more tenuous nature of the current economy demands a different approach to funding.

Steven C. Wyer views growth differently in the current economy. Bigger is not better, it is simply bigger. Size does not equate to profitability and Steven C. Wyer knows this well. Living in a high growth industry on a cash flow basis may require the loss of some business opportunities however Steven C. Wyer stays the course between liquidity, growth and discipline.

Steven Wyer is the author of Violated Online, a book that offers more than 50 specific tips on how the reader can better prepare for an unexpected online attack. To order the book, visit or for information about Reputation Advocate, contact Steven Wyer at 888-229-0746, or visit

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